Company Overview


The President, Associate Professor John R. Mecikalski, has been active in meteorological research since 1988, and has been specifically involved in developing short-term forecast methods that heavily leverage satellite observations, especially from geostationary platforms across Earth. He has to his name more than 85 peer-reviewed publications (as of July 2014), across a broad area of research specialization, from in short-term (0-6 hour) weather prediction (“nowcasting”) of convective storms and lightning, satellite data/observation and (dual-polarimetric) radar assimilation for numerical weather prediction, to tropical meteorology, satellite remote sensing and aviation-safety related analysis of thunderstorms and turbulence, and land surface remote sensing of drought (focussed on crop model initialization). NextStorm, Inc. is operated out of Madison, Alabama, with the President and contracting employees often being associated with the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAHuntsville).


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