About NextStorm

NextStorm, Inc. (formed in November 2014) is a weather data services company that focuses on short-term (0-6 hour) weather prediction (“nowcasting”) of convective storms and lightning using satellite data/observations. Satellite-based short-term (0-3 hours), very-local (1-10 km), innovative weather prediction technology exploits 1-15 minute resolution satellite data to predict storms, lightning, and heavy rain. NextStorm is anticipating an evolving industry that utilizes more localized weather information, based on customer needs. NextStorm seeks to continuously develop industry-leading nowcasting solutions, and also emphasize methods of data assimilation for improving short-term numerical weather forecasts, that focus on the use of geostationary satellite observations in the 1-15 min timeframe.

Through the combined use of multi-platform observations, various nowcasting applications have been developed and demonstrated for various end users (Federal Aviation Administration, National Weather Service, GOES-R Proving Ground and Testbed activities, NOAA national modeling efforts, the general public) including:

(1) 0-1 hour thunderstorm predictions

(2) 0-90 min first-flash lightning forecasts

(3) per-storm cell lightning threat products

(4) 0-2 hour storm severity and heavy rainfall nowcasts

(4) 1-8 hour convective forecasts within numerical weather prediction models (emphasizing satellite data assimilation).

NextStorm, Inc. seeks to transition these short-term forecast capabilities to private sector interests seeking weather-related support and solutions.


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